Your Server and Your Data are on the Edge of a Cliff…

June 10, 2011

Your Server and Your Data are on the Edge of a Cliff…

Which one do you save? This old technology adage is certainly as valid today as it was twenty years ago. Storage vendors traditionally used this analogy to make the point that you could always buy another server, but if you lost your data, your business could disappear, or at best suffer significant damage.

Although this analogy is as true today as it was 20 years ago, the difference now is that in today’s technology world your data, and for that matter your applications, can be affordably protected and distributed in ways never imagined 20 years ago.

Cloud-based solutions, for example DICOM image storage as a service, can be effectively and affordably utilized to meet HIPAA requirements for disaster recovery and business continuance contingencies for image data. Cloud based services can oftentimes give imaging professionals access to “latest/greatest” technologies and infrastructure that would be impossible to build internally, given budget and resource constraints that so often prevent care facilities from deploying new technologies.

With distributed, cloud-based PACS and data storage services, it’s almost impossible to consolidate your data into one place where it could even be placed “on the edge of a cliff”! So I guess its time for the storage vendors to come up with a new analogy!

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