The Dramatic Conclusion of: “Three Letter Storage Vendors and Six Letter Cloud Service Providers…”

Novenber 15, 2012

The Dramatic Conclusion of: “Three Letter Storage Vendors and Six Letter Cloud Service Providers…”

When considering a generic hosted storage implementation for your medical image data, you should consider several possible scenarios:

  • How Do I Retrieve My Data From the Hosting Vendor, if  I Decide to End the Relationship?
  • Is the Solution Compliant With Regulatory Requirements for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance Contingencies?
  • Am I Being Exposed to Costly, Risky Data Migrations by the Hosted Storage Implementation?
  • Am I Overpaying for Archive Storage Over Long Retention Periods?

The answers to these simple questions can spell significant risk for you, if you’re not careful. So what should the answers to these seemingly complex questions be? Well, here’s one subset of simple answers:

  • Data Retrieval is Very Straightforward. Your Data Is Stored in a “Single Tenant” Architecture, so Its Return or Destruction is Very Straightforward
  • Yes, You’re Compliant. If Properly Deployed, the Cloud Based VNA Solution can Provide DR and BC Contingencies for Almost Any Data Loss Scenario
  • No Risky Data Migrations. Automated Data Migration Functionality is part of the Solution
  • You Should be Paying Reasonable “One-Time” Fees for the Life of the Diagnostic Study, NOT Recurring Monthly Fees

Sound easy? It should be! Any solution designed with the customer’s best interests in mind should; 1) integrate well with existing infrastructure and workflows, 2) address existing business, technology and compliance issues, and 3) demonstrate significant ROI to the imaging organization. Sounds pretty simple…

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