Storage Straight Talk


Reliable, Affordable, Secure Storage for Medical Image Data

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more operating capital?

Ever asked yourself if you’re in the information technology business or the diagnostic imaging business?

If you’re in the field of diagnostic imaging you’re probably aware of several stark realities that are affecting imaging organizations industry wide, making it increasingly more difficult to focus on positive patient outcomes:

  • Reimbursements, from a pure dollars and cents perspective, are generally trending downward
  • Commoditization continues to apply pressure on fees for service, manifesting the need for new and different payment models
  • Regulatory compliance requirements are generally becoming more stringent
  • Consolidation (merger and acquisition) is rampant
  • Information technologies are changing and evolving in real time, creating the need for real time technology integration capabilities
  • IT management costs recur, year after year after year. Reimbursement is a one time event…

All of these issues add up to a simple conclusion: there are less capital dollars to go around for increased information technology requirements, including long term data retention (storage and archive). For example, have you ever asked yourself why you pay recurring IT costs for the same five year old CT study, when you were only reimbursed once? What if you could pay a one time data management fee, regardless of how many times you recalled that study?

Would you like some good news?

At DeepWell our stated goal is to provide a superior storage and archive infrastructure for your diagnostic image data, for an affordable one-time fee. Our goal is simply to give you back some of your capital and operational expense dollars that were previously spent on long term data storage. We expect to be able to provide savings of up to 80% on what you’re currently spending on your image data management infrastructure, including DR, BC and long term retention.

Let us handle the long term management and preservation of your valuable clinical image data, and you can get back to focusing on your diagnostic imaging practice.