Our Core Solution: Onsite-Offsite Archive

“Electronic medical image data is not the same as the family photo album!”

In other words one cloud does not fit all storage requirements, even if some cloud storage providers would have you believe that “one size fits all”. Your diagnostic image data is highly regulated, including mandated lengthy retention periods. At DeepWell our fundamental storage strategy is simple: purpose built storage, and pricing, for purpose built storage requirements.

Regardless of the size of your imaging organization, from the minute diagnostic image data is acquired, you own it for seven years minimum. In practice, medical information is rarely, if ever, discarded. Generally speaking, your data will outlive your storage hardware. If data retention is required for seven years minimum, why not buy storage that’s designed for seven years minimum?

You’re only reimbursed once for a diagnostic imaging procedure, so why not pay a one-time fee for long term data storage and archive, as mandated by HIPAA regulations? DeepWell provides purpose-built storage for seven year (minimum) retention cycles, for a one-time ingestion fee. This strategy enables you to buy tomorrow’s storage with today’s dollars, and avoid recurring storage costs such as hardware and software maintenance, system administration data center costs, data migrations, etc.

Since our software is based explicitly on the DICOM Standard Storage Service Class, the solution integrates seamlessly with virtually any PACS, VNA or existing image storage architecture. That’s the “vendor neutral” part. DeepWell can be utilized as a backup, disaster recovery and business continuance solution, as an end-to-end archive storage solution, or “all of the above”. As a full-featured, vendor neutral storage solution, the on-premise Enterprise Departmental Server (EDS) also works in conjunction with the PACS or VNA to limit the amount of expensive primary storage required.

It’s also important to note that we provide the same solution value to imaging organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re a single physician practice or a 1500 bed hospital, you can expect superior technology delivered at affordable prices.
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