DeepWell Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance Solutions for Medical Image Data

“You can’t buy insurance after the accident!”

The old adage: “If your application server and your data were about to fall off a cliff, which one would you save?” You can always buy another server, but when your data is lost, it’s gone for good…

DR and BC contingency plans aren’t “nice to haves” in the world of diagnostic imaging, they’re mandated. There is a common misconception, propagated in some cases by storage vendors, that DR and BC solutions are by nature expensive and complex making that “insurance” oftentimes unaffordable and unrealistic. At DeepWell we believe that DR and BC functionality are requisite components of a well designed, affordable archive solution.

The basic premise of any electronic archival solution is the ability to provide long term data preservation for medical image data. The term “long term data preservation” implies that information can be retained and accessed for long periods of time, in the case of medical image data seven years plus. DeepWell provides solutions that help imaging organizations meet the HIPAA Security requirements to be able to provide “exact recoverable copies of all data containing electronic protected health information”, as well as provide for an “emergency mode of operation” as a contingency plan in the event that clinical operations are interrupted.

Since our solutions are always designed for long preservation of your diagnostic image data, they make excellent and affordable DR and BC solutions. For a single purposed DR/BC solution, a hosted architecture is very commonly implemented.

It’s also important to note that we provide the same solution value to imaging organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re a single physician practice or a 1500 bed hospital, you can expect superior technology delivered at affordable prices.
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