2.75 Billion Diagnostic Images Under Management Worldwide, 11PB of Storage, and 18 Years of Strategic Partnerships with Medical Imaging Organizations of All sizes Speaks for Itself

So, what’s in a name? If you think about the term “Deep Well” the connotation is of an immensely deep storage resource for the precious commodity of water. This “Deep Well” can be relied upon for years and years of storage and provisioning of the life giving resource necessary for our very survival. At DeepWell Archival Services, you can count on us for reliable storage and recovery of your precious clinical resources…

DeepWell Archival Services is focused entirely on Medical Image Data Storage and Data Management. It is our goal and singular focus to be the absolute best in the industry at providing solutions for health care IT professionals tasked with providing the data storage and management infrastructure for medical image data. Our solutions provide for the reliability, availability and security of your medical image data.

At DeepWell we believe that our services should be technologically superior, affordable, and easy to deploy and manage. We know that every dollar saved by health care organizations on information technology, is a dollar that could be spent on improving patient outcomes. It is our stated goal to give some of those dollars back to the people who need them the most, i.e. health care professionals and their patients.

Our solutions will provide your imaging organization with the following benefits:

  • Significant Reduction in Storage and Archive Costs Starting Day One
  • Regulatory Compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule and Other Regulations
  • Providing a Reliable, Available and Secure Data Management Infrastructure
  • Improving and Streamlining Image Data Management Operations

The underlying software component of our solution is currently managing over (11) petabytes of medical image storage worldwide, or roughly 2.6 billion images. Many of these images are more than 17 years old, are quickly retrievable to this day, and are stored on current storage technologies.

Please continue to browse our site and to contact us if you fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Interested in Guaranteed Fixed Cost Deep Archive Storage
  • Interested in a TRUE Vendor Neutral Storage Solution
  • Trying to Avoid Costly and Risky Data Migrations
  • Looking for Standards Compliant, Cost Effective Deep Archive Storage Solutions
  • Concerned About Proprietary Solution Vendors and Vendor “Lock In”
  • Looking for Extensible PACS/VNA Archive Storage
  • Looking for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions for your Medical Image Data

We look forward to hearing from you.

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